Template Designs being phased out on eBay?

I vaguely remember reading somewhere that eBay was going to de-emphasis custom listing designs in order to improve the mobile experience. Or something like that.

If that is indeed along the line of what is going to happen in the future on eBay, is it still worth spending the time to create a custom GS template for our store and converting all our listings to it? Or am I totally off base in thinking that eBay is moving away from these custom graphic designs for listings?

I guess only eBay knows what the future brings but for now using design templates is no problem so I would say it’s worth the effort to optimze your custom design.

All GarageSale design templates are mobile-friendly and compatible with the eBay policies by the way :slight_smile:
Regards, Kristian

@TNS that’s a good question! I have been thinking about the same matter for some months. I would be on the side of Kristian, but I also would not be surprise If one they they will say: no more template! And so, does it worth the time I spent to create so meticulously my template? I am afraid one day we will say NO… like the matter of watermark, years spent to cover the photos (and they suggested to do it, as they suggested to create a custom template, years ago…) and one day they said: no more watermark! Slowly slowly following amazon way… and losing its original one…

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