Templates in GS

Hi, you have a lots off templates for just every theme but you don’t have any for beauty, cometic oder Health.
Why ?
Thats all what i missing. I know i try to make one, but the utility is not really that’s what i like.
Its could be in the futura to make something in that section ?
Thanks i.A

Hi Luximex,

maybe we can create listings designs for beauty, cosmetic or health in future. Do you have a specific design/style in mind?

Regards, Kristian

Hi kristian,

i think something smiling girls or a face lips. eyeshades for relax ( for cosmetic)
apple with a measure tape , hands , pills in green color or blue ( healt )
something in this direction what i think.
a smiling mouth with white teeth for example as banner …

thanks for your positiv reaction.