Text Snippet Problem

In Dark Mode - Mojave, Open the Text Snippet Window. Select a snippet in the left column. Drag the cursor across some text in the right box. The text disappears into white instead of highlighting in gray.

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Thanks. We’ll look into that. There’s also a problem in the Bulk Search window, we have yet to fix.

Hi Steve,

I just tested it here and could not reproduce it (see screenshot). Is it reproducible with a newly created snippet, too? The colors may be saved to old snippets and there is not much we can do about it…



Changing my finder prefs to a blue highlight color works as you illustrated. Change your accent color to graphite and your highlight color to graphite and try it.

OK, could reproduce this. It’s a real “edge” case (only dark mode with graphite accent color) and seems too me like an Apple bug.

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