"...the Category Has Been Changed" WHAT?

I just uploaded books to eBay, and I got several error messages which say, “This product belongs to a different category, so the category has been changed.”

Is this an eBay function, or a GarageSale function?

It’s causing havoc that will take forever to fix. Here’a great example of what seems to be random category-moving:

Yes, that’s right. It moved the memoirs of the mistress of President John F. Kennedy. The exact wording of the subtitle, on the front cover is: “My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath”

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t believe this book should have been moved to “Other Children & Young Adults.”

Hi Michelle,

it’s an eBay warning.
What you could try (again) is to update the eBay category data. It seems that eBay made changes there once again.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks, Kristian. I was hoping it was you guys, because it’s so much easier to get it fixed.

I’ve had enough problems with the listing functions, that updating the category data is the first thing I do, before I even get upset. :slight_smile:

I guess I will have to manually go in and change 200 or so categories back to appropriate categories.

Can you tell me what department or branch of eBay I want to contact about this? (It does seem to be only books.)

I don’t want to end up spending large chunks of time filling in one level after another before I get someone who understands the problem and tells me I want to speak to someone in another department.



Ok, I just got off the phone with eBay, who tells me that they are aware of the problem and that it should be fixed “soon.” (Whatever that means.)

I just want to let everyone here know that it is only affecting the Books category.

It’s rather ugly, because aside from moving you to a different category – which details they fail to give the seller – it also strips out the PRODUCT INFORMATION.

Therefore, I suggest that you re-list later, after it’s been fixed, particularly if you have a lot of them.

If you need to, it is apparently possible to simply REVISE the item. But it’s taking me for-freaking-ever to go through and see which of my several hundred books were affected, go pull them down from their places on the shelves, re-enter the the numbers.

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