The item cannot be listed or modified -year 2020 hiccup

Pandemic related error/solution:
So just FYI, GarageSale was giving me this error when trying to list “The item cannot be listed or modified”. That was all it said. One of the last suggestions was to use the Listing tool on the eBay website to list an item and see what it tells me. I proceeded to list on Ebay’s website. I copied my listing’s HTML from GarageSale and used that in the Description Field on the eBay website listing tool. Ebay gave me the same error.

Long story short…Because I wrote in my description, “Delivery times have increased due to parcel volume and staff shortages due to COVID19” , my item could not be listed.
The problem was just the word “COVID19”

Ebay’s auto-censor is assuming that I am selling a treatment or cure because I used the word “COVID19”. They said that in the error message. I have to assume other variants will do the same.
So back in GarageSale, I removed the offending word. Now all is well. My item then listed via GarageSale without issues.


Glad to hear you found out what triggered that eBay error and thank you for letting us know.
I’ll add this to our error 240 troubleshooting help page:

Regards, Kristian

Maybe we should add a feature to GarageSale that checks your description for known “bad” words before sending the listing to eBay? :thinking:

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Possibly add phone numbers, web sites, you tube vids, and email addresses to the “bad” word scan.

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