Three bugs in orders section

it is some time I am experiencing 3 different bugs in the order section:

  1. when I open GS, the orders’ descriptions are cut with “…” at the middle of the title. I have to manually small the page size, then enlarge again and descriptions show complete. When you close and reopen GS, there is still the issue:

  • in the message panel, the code [[totalPrice]] gives always a wrong result when an order contains two or more items. Multiple orders show a wrong [[totalPrice]] value because GS multiplies the shipping cost per the number of items inside the order. For example, 2 items at 10€ each one and shipping cost at 4,21€, the total should be 30 + 4,21, but [[totalPrice]] shows 30 + 4,21 * 2 .

  • When a message is send by clicking on the top left corner button, it should show (at least previously showed) a spinning wheel over the paper plane icon. Now it doesn’t happen, there is no wheel so you don’t know if GS is actually shipping or not the message:

Schermata 2021-05-12 alle 21.37.03

I hope this might help for fixes.

Thank you

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