Time to squash the enter rename bug once and for all (8.0.10b3)

Here’s how to reproduce it:

  1. Fresh session of GS 8.0.10b3

  2. Make new group

  3. Make new item within this group

  4. Duplicate item 5 times (cmd+D), now 6 items in group

  5. Select first (original) item


repeat this until you reach item 5 (4th duplicate):

  1. press enter twice

  2. press cursor down key


  1. press enter twice — Item 5 can’t be renamed, makes OSX “chime”

  2. press cursor down key

  3. press enter twice — item 6 can be renamed, but makes OSX “chime” anyway.

Could not reproduce this. I could edit the titles of all 6 items. What macOS version are you running?

10.13.6 (2011 MBP) and 10.15.2 (2015 rMBP).

Can you tell me how i can backup and restore GS’ entire settings to a new user account? I want to try this with a virgin install. However, when i create a new user account on OSX, GS behaves as if it was just installed without any settings whatsoever. If i remember correctly copying over the Library folder didn’t restore all settings, just the listings database.

Can you make a screen capture “movie” of the actions to reproduce???


Well… I tried your steps exactly… All works fine for me, except…

Step #8, item 5 CAN be renamed, no beep.

BUT… Step #10, item 6 CAN be renamed, BUT ALWAYS beeps.

Very Strange!! I’m using macOS 10.14.6 (18G2022).

Seems like the beep is a macOS bug dealing with handling return key on the last item in an “open” group???

Or the very last item before “Deleted Listings”???

Very Odd… :man_shrugging:


No, the bug surely is with the GS database. There is no other OSX program i know of that has a problem like this.

Also i really suspect this is related to how the listings are stored in the database, since the problem with renaming happens with seemingly random listings, but actually it looks like there is some kind of “counter” involved, because the problem depends on how many times you tried duplicating or renaming a listing.
Hence the steps described by me give different results for you.

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