Title in Left Pane Doesn't Match Title & Listing In the Center Pane & Right Pane Is Wrong To0

I don’e even know how to describe this but I’ll try.

Somehow, one of my listings is/was called “Weapons of War DDs, Volumes 49-52 Like New, All But 1 Factory Wrapped”. lThe listing price is/was $15.50.

When I went to re-list it, I found that somehow, GS believes it is a cover – which is a US postage stamp on an envelope – and the right pane shows the current bid as being $4.75.

The “Weapons of War DVDs” listing is still alive. And the US Cover is nowhere to be found!

I know that it’s not supposed to be possible for the left pane and the middle pane to have different titles, since the title is copied over. So I’m baffled.

I’m a bit ticked off that I have to re-do the cover listing, but more than that, I don’t know what’s going on, and since I rely on what GS says the title is, do I have duplicate listings on eBay because of this problem?

Any ideas how this happened?

You are in LIVE mode - EBAY no longer shows you YOUR listing - no that it is ended - they show you something LIKE IT! Switch to EDITOR or PREVIEW to see your listing.

Thank you, @flypogger.

I guess what’s confusing me is that it’s showing the picture is of the DVDs I’m selling on my floor, where I photographed them.

Not that I don’t believe you, but how does GS list the title for one thing I’m selling with a description and photos of something totally different in a totally different topic?

Is that normal? Because if so, I have never noticed it.

Hi Michelle,

it might be one of your older listings that you see in Live mode. Please note that it says “Archived Listing” at the top.

  • Maybe your archived listings somehow mixed up.
  • Maybe you accidentally changed the listing title in Editor or Preview mode.

You can delete the “archived listings” saved in GarageSale’s library and so force GarageSale to re-download/re-archive the listings. Please note that only listings can be downloaded/archived which are stil available in the eBay system.
Here’s how to delete the archived listings:

  1. In GarageSale, choose “Help” menu > “Show Library Folder”
  2. Quit GarageSale
  3. In the GarageSale library locate the folder “AuctionWebArchives” and put it onto your desktop (or into the trash if you don’t care).
  4. Start GarageSale and open the listing’s Live mode.

Regards, Kristian

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