Transfering Data to New Hard Drive


I have installed a second hard drive and OS on my MBP. I was attempting to move my garage sale files from the original drive to the new one, and thought I successfully copied the Garage Sale application support folder. However, after installing Garage Sale on the new drive, it doesn’t open any of my old files. I tried deleting everything and attempting the same steps again, but no luck.

Also, I found it a bit frustrating that the support page on your website still directs people to your abandoned yahoo group…:



Hi Steve,

did you already discover the last entry “How do I move my GarageSale data to a different Mac?” in the FAQs on the support page?

It sounds that you didn’t move the GarageSale folder to your user Library.

It’s important to understand that under OS X the home user Library is hidden by default!
Click the Finder’s “Go” menu and press the option key to make the user’s Library show up in the menu. Selecting it will then open it in the Finder.

Regards, Kristian

I have had two laptops break down on me where I had to buy new ones. Not once was I able to open up or use any GS files that were backed up or on the old computer hard drive.

I tried the above to convert form a old mac to a new and now i get this message
file can’t be opened cause it is in a wrong format. I’ve tried downloading it again but same message.

Hi digdug,

what is the full error message?
It seems that there’s something wrong with your database.

Regards, Kristian