Trigger auto-relist

Is there a way to trigger the auto-relist feature? I went away for a week and left my computer on for that purpose but over 1000 weren’t re-listed. Is there a way to ‘remind’ it what it needs to do? Shouldn’t it try more than once? I rely on this to keep my business running. There was no error as to why they didn’t re-list although the most common one is the GS picture server.

I will be honest that for the first time in 15 years, after taking 4 months re-building my store after the file corrupted, that this software is making me consider quitting. I can’t start over and there are so many issues with this, I just can’t trust it anymore. :disappointed:

Hello @hevydevy :slight_smile:
for what I know the only solution is bringing with you the laptop and check it, as I actually do. There are no other solution, only leaving your computer on and removing the automatic stop (but I don’t think it is a good idea for long period). But problems still persist since if auto-relist fails you have to manually relist it, at least that’s what I have done until now in similar situations…

Speaking frankly, that is really dumb.

What good is it then? :confused:

Actually I thing it is not very useful too, but I guess that for technical reason GS cannot check on its own auto-relistings since it is a web-based application and if the laptop is off… everything is off, I suppose :grin: … concerning the automatic check and re-listing is the auto-relist fails, yes, it’s very dumb it is missing…

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