Trouble Downloading GarageSale 8.0.12

Whenever I click on the link to download GarageSale 8.0.12 it gives me an error 403 Forbidden. (

I bought and paid for this and I would love to be able to access the updates that I paid for.

How do I download this?


You don’t want to download an old beta version of an early GarageSale 8 version. Instead, you can get the last GarageSale 8 version 8.4.1 by clicking on the grey “Download Older Versions” field here:

(you have to scroll down a bit)

Any version of GarageSale 8 might be worthless now, after eBay shutdown an API used by these older versions.

Then why don’t you fix it so people can continue to use software they have paid for.

We already fixed the software by investing several months to adapt GarageSale to new eBay API’s and new authentication mechanism.

Having bought our software once doesn’t mean that we will work for you for free forever.

Well at least I can copy/past the html code from other listings, seems to work well in eBay’s listing tool, just edit the text and your all good.

Pretty poor attitude you got there, I guess you losing lots of customers and now we know why, I still use office 2013, don’t see MS forcing us to upgrade by not fixing it, it still gets regular updates.

I feel humbled that you place us in the same league as Microsoft, who have a quasi-monopoly on office software with probably 300 million subscribers.

We, on the other hand, are only 3 people who are constantly trying to make ends meet in niche market with very price-sensitive customers, that have to implement every change eBay enforces on them.


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