Trouble revising active listings imported from My eBay

I believe this is my final problem in updating to GS 7. I imported approximately 50 live listings from eBay in order to fix the “see full item description” button at the bottom of a truncated ad. I was able to successfully revise half of the listings and upload the changes to eBay via GS 7. However, although I could revise the other half of the imported listings, GS 7 does not let me upload the changes to eBay because GS 7 does not recognize these as live listings. Therefore, I cannot finish the process. Do you have suggestions regarding this problem?

Background: my thought is that some of the listings were re-listed using the eBay re-listing tool, some of them may have been re-listed several times in fact. Could this be causing the problem, although some of the items listed through eBay’s re-listing tool were able to be revised using GS 7 and they display perfectly on eBay.

Please note: I could not do ‘Repair Image Links’ in bulk, it would only let me do it one at time.

Thank you for the support.

You have to select them all in overview mode. Please see the help (and the animation) here:

Another copy of the same listing (item ID) probably already exist in your GarageSale. Delete the current listings in question first before importing them from eBay shouold do the trick (don’t forget to empty the trash).

Please note: When re-importing listings from eBay, GarageSale is unable to “unmangle” design resources and images embedded into the description. The only way to edit those for these listings is by modifying the listing description’s HTML code manually. (or to clear/re-do the whole item description)

Regards, Kristian

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