Trouble scheduling event

I am highlighting the ones I want to schedule as usual but there is an extension with my user name when I choose to start an event with the listings I have chosen…When I choose the extension (my user name) nothing happens…Help! as I use this all the time…

After selecting your eBay account the scheduler window should open automatically. Could you please check if it’s already open and maybe hidden behind GarageSale’s main window?

You can open the scheduler window by clicking on the schulder icon in the toolbar, too.

Regards, Kristian

I tried opening it using the icon and it doesn’t work…Also the scheduler window is not opened…I shut my computer down last night as well…I tried to start another event this morning and the same thing is happening…I had to upload my auctions one at a time last night…I would prefer to use the scheduler…

Please let us know which version of GarageSale and macOS you have installed. (Select ‘About GarageSale’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale.)

Also, if you open the “Window” menu in GarageSale is there an entry “GarageSale Scheduler” at the very bottom?

Regards, Kristian

Garage sale 70.9(811)

OSX EL CAPITAN Version 10.116

We do have the entry Garage Sale Scheduler but it’s not checked and I can’t seem to check it…

If you do have the “GarageSale Scheduler” entry there it means that the scheduler window is already open. However, that entry should be selectable so you can bring the scheduler window to front. This does not seem to work for you for any reason.

Can you please open the Console utility (in /Application/Utilities) and look for output from GarageSale from the time you were trying to open the scheduler? You can use the filter field in the top right corner of the Console window to filter for relevant messages by entering “GarageSale”.

Regards, Kristian

I am not that computer literate to follow what you are asking me to do…I have the option to choose applications or utilities but neither seems to give me what you are asking for?

OK, forget about the Console for now.
It might be a dumb question but did you already restart your Mac?

Regards, Kristian


Michael& Linda Candelora

I figured this out…We use two monitors…Currently we have only one plugged in as we are running on a generator due to a power outage …My husband plugged the second monitor in and the scheduler was open on that monitor…Problem solved…Thank you for your help!..Linda

Michael& Linda Candelora

Glad to hear you solved the problem.

Regards, Kristian