Trouble with new Apple "Photos" and Garage Sale

Trouble with new Apple “Photos” and Garage Sale

Hi all, I saw that there are problems with the drag and drop from Photos to Garage Sale - like we could with iPhoto. I had this problem since upgrading to Photos yesterday morning. So I went into Time Capsule and brought back a previous version of Garage Sale and kept the newer version as well in my Applications folder. Now when I try to start up it tells me to register since it’s my first time using it! Any ideas on how to fix this??? Many thanks.

Have you purchased your GarageSale license through the Mac App Store or from us directly?

I purchased through the App Store.

I ended up re-downloading and installing it. Now it doesn’t ask for serial number etc. But I still can’t drag and drop from the new Photos app. Is this a problem on GarageSale’s part or Apple’s new “Photos” app?

Hi capecodtarot,

Apple hasn’t released the new GarageSale update so far that’s why you’re probably still using an older version that does not come with support for the new Photos app.
Apple should release it in the next days.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you for your help Kristian.

The way Photos handles images drags, particularly how and when temporary drag files are created, differs significantly from Photo. We should have caught this problem before releasing 6.9.5, but during development the issue did not surface.

If you managed to switched away from the Mac App Store version, here is version that should address the issue:

If you are using still using the Mac App Store version, i suggest you better wait until Apple approved this release.

I am using GarageSale 6.9.7 and still cannot drag directly from Apple Photo app to the GarageSale application? Is it just me - have a missed an important part of the install?

Sorry, it’s not only you. Everyone is hit by the buggy drag-and-drop implementation in Apple’s Photo app. Hope Apple gets around and fixes it at some point.

A roundabout workround if you want to use images from the photo app is to first drop the images from photo onto your desk top then drag the desktop versions into your template. Ive just tried this in V7.