Trouble with Shipping profiles

I have just found a very strange problem with my shipping profile, I do not understand whose is the guilt, if it is from eBay or from GS.
I was giving a look to my shipping profile using eBay (profile manager section) and I discovered that since some days item I have been starting, although in GS I set a correct shipping profile, are not recognized and eBay generates other specific profiles. I attach a screenshot I hope could help, it is quite hard to explain. I have about 260 items with that strange shipping profile, I did not create it! The strangest thing is that in GS they have the correct profile and looking the active listing in eBay they have the correct shipping rates too. So why do I have that profile? Why the last 260 listing I created from GS are showing that profile although in GS and in active listing they are using other correct shipping rate?
I have you could help me…

Thank you


I think this is an issue at eBay’s end. Currently we can not create or edit profiles with GarageSale. But eBay creates profiles for each listing that was created that they could not find a matching profile of. So maybe you started a listing (maybe some time ago) that eBay could not match with any exiting profile. How they match the profiles is up to eBay. So maybe you have to contact them?!


Mmmhh contacting ebay is almost useless, they never can do what you need… I think your explanation is more than clear, I will give a look if it still happens and then, if persists, I will try to waste some time with them…

Thank you for help

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