Trying to list for LOCAL pickup only...but keeps requiring shpg profile

Help! I’m trying to list items for local pickup only. It keeps giving me a red flag: “Select a shipping profile. If you selected profiles for returns and payments, you need to choose a shipping profile too.”

I’ve selected ‘local pickup’ on shipping options/shipping services and then ‘don’t use’ on the shipping profile (because they all refer to actually shipping the item).

On Returns, I’ve chosen the ‘returns accepted 30 days’.

What am I doing wrong…? This whole ‘profile’ thing is driving me crazy!!!

Did you perhaps select a profile in the Payment section?

I went into Payments and selected: Don’t Use

I went into Returns and selected: Don’t Use

…and it works! My listings are now available for Local Pickup only. Thanks so much!!

(I don’t understand the ‘profiles’ as they seem redundant.)

Thanks again!

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