Unable to add category

I don’t know if this is a problem with GS or one of eBays “New” endless rule updates. Was busy listing postcards as eBay auctions and went to add category. eBay will not let me do so. WTF?

Have you tried to update categories?


Hi joemit,

I just replied to your support mail. This is what I wrote:

Please give this a try:

  1. Open the GarageSale preferences > Accounts. Click on “Refresh Token” to refresh your default eBay access token.
  2. If done, select one of the listings in question and open the category browser. In that browser click on the sprocket icon to update the category data.

Hope this helps,

Kristian, I had done the “refresh access token” several times and it did no good. I even hit the button underneath for “Update account details” with no success. Your email saved the day though. I refreshed and then followed your advice and clicked the sprocket in one of my auction categories. That seems to have done the trick. Thank you for the excellent support. I may be one of GS’s earliest users and you support people have always been there. Have a great day! Joe

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