Unable to Buy License for GS 7 -- Error Contacting Server

I just successfully downloaded GS 7 within the last 24 hours (upgraded from GS 6 which I have used for years). I successfully used the new demo GS 7 program to relist 3 items.

However I am unable to pay for the full subscription to GS 7, having tried repeatedly to buy the license. The server recognizes my account details at first, but when I press “Continue” I get the following error message:

“We’re sorry, an error occurred. Could not communicate with the server. Please try again later.”

Can anybody help to get subscribed to GS 7?

Seems Stripe (the company we are using to process credit card charges) doesn’t like your card. I’ll sent you an alternate link for purchasing a license.

Will you send that alternate link via email, or will you post it here?

I used the direct message feature of this forum software. Check your account menu on this website in the top-right corner to see new messages.