Unable to drag pics from Photos to GS

Using GS7 I’m unable to drag pics from Photos to GS as I have always done. I can drag a photo from the desktop but need to go directly from Photos to retain the order of the pics.

In the past I have always created an album for each item and I order the pics in the album in the same order as i want them to appear on eBay. I then drag all the pics from the album over in one move and the order is retained for the group. Having to reorder every photo in every listing would be far to time consuming.

GS is not letting me drag singe or multiple images into GS listing. The Media Browser is far too slow for practical use and only sees photos libraries in one place the default location so when I store on another HD they are not available with the Media Browser.

When attempting to drag the number of pics show up but the + sign never displays over GS Drop Zone. When I release the click on top of the Drop Zone I see the Export progress indicator spin around and complete in Photos but no pics show up in GS template.

Maybe this his to do with the kind of photo you are trying to drag from Photos. Is it possible to send us the original foto file for investigation by choosing “Export > Export unmodified original” from the Photos application?

Thank you for your response. I will send picture file sample when I return to my office although the pictures are ones that have been used successfully before in version 6.

The code in GS 7 is quite different from GS 6, for instance, we are using newer system libraries for image processing. So it’s quite possible that GS6 accepts a picture, which GS7 rejects.

Attached is one of the sets of exported jpegs I use.



Sorry, if you attached the images to your reply, they somehow didn’t make it through. Can you please send the images to garagesale@iwascoding.com and refer to this thread on the user forum.

Thanks for your time.

Last time they were in a zip file. I will send less pics and include them here un-archived or unzipped.

I have this too. My work flow with photos is the same. Album for each item, order the photos, drag them to the drop zone. No Photos. Had to post everything using the older version.


I reported this same issue previously. It worked in GS6. Now in GS7 the only way to transfer a photo from Photos is to first drag it to the desktop and then from the desktop into GS7. Therefore it would seem logical that whatever process is happening to covert the image from Photos to the Desktop could be duplicated by GS in order to make it one step. Also, we use BigCommerce for our web store and have no issue dragging an image directly into it from Photos.

I’m sure they are hard at work finding a solution with the level of importance this feature must have. The easy interaction with Photos or previously iPhoto is what brought me to GS in the first place. I can’t last long without a functioning DropZone.


here is a special build which should fix the dragging of images from Apple’s Photos app. Can you please test and let us know wether the bug is fixed?



Installed and testing but initial results are no change still not accepting Photos images being dropped from Photos to Drop Zone.

Have you waited 3-4 seconds after the drag for the photo to appear? Unfortunately the timing of drags from Photos has changed, so you have to wait a little longer now.

I waited for 3 minutes on 6 different attempts with same result. No photo count shown as you hover over the DropZone and no photos added.

What version of OS X are you using?

Currently using 10.11.6

Are there any messages in the Console utility coming up at the time you are trying to drag the image?

No console utility response. when I try to drop a photo over an existing photo in the drop zone I get the dialog asking to add replace or cancel and by picking add or replace nothing happens.

Further test shows that with an existing listing when dragging a photo over an existing photo in the Drop Zone and choosing replace, the existing photo is replaced with a blank.

Does it work, if you drag the image from Photos to your Desktop first, and drag it from the Desktop to GarageSale?