Unable to Duplicate listing when data present in search field

This one is a seems a little odd but GS7 is not allowing you to duplicate a listing as ling as you have any text in the search field. So the typical way for me to list is to find a current matching template (now a listing) with a data search.

Once I find the matching listing I click duplicate and go to work on the duplicated listing but GS7 does nothing when you hit duplicate unless you go up and first remove the data from the search field, then the duplicate function works.

Easy work-around once I figured out what it was doing so may not be too urgent.

Thanks! That solved the mystery…

So it looks like Trash, Duplicate and Reload buttons do not function if there is data in the search field.

This is becoming an annoying time waster having these functions (noted in above comment and graphic) blocked while data present in the search field.

Currently you search for a listing. Once you find the listing and select it you then have to remove your search data from the search field to delete or copy the listing. Since I am cleaning up and removing old listings it is very clunky.

The same thing occurs when finding a listing to duplicate. Search, find, remove data required before GS7 allows you to duplicate the listing.

Still no response to this issue. Any data in the search field causes other functions not to work. Simply having data in the search field should not hamper other functions from working.

Getting duplicate and delete to work in search mode is on our to-do list. I think we mentioned this in a parallel thread were the same topic is discussed.

It’s just not as simple as it might look from the outside. :wink:

Here is a development version that lets you delete and remove listings from a search result. It can also sort search results alphabetically and restrict results to a certain folder:


Let me know how this works for you.

Thank you, I’ll test it today.

Everything working on the Delete function. Thank you! Removed a huge stumbling block and saves so much time.

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