Unable to fill in credit card details during purchase

Hi. I’m unable to fill in the Credit Card Number, CVC, and Expiration Date when trying to buy a single license. How can I purchase?

Also, can I see my current eBay posts that weren’t listed with GarageSale within the GarageSale platform?

Thank you!

Hi kidgrey,

I am sorry to hear. Could you provide us with some details that could help us to track down the error?:

  1. What version of macOS do you have installed?

  2. What version of Safari do you use?

  3. Do you have any Safari extensions installed?

  4. Is there anything non-standard about your internet connection? (proxy, network tools, blockers …)

  5. Do you have ApplePay?

Sure, just select the listing in question and switch to “Live” mode!

Regards, Kristian

Hi kidgrey,

you probably somehow entered or pasted a line break in one of the address fields which caused issue with the payment process.
We hopefully fixed it so it should work now.

Could you please give it another try and let us know?

Thank you,

Hi Kristian,

That worked! I’m all up and running now! That payment went through.

For my 2nd question, I don’t see any of my active listings under live mode. To note, these are listings that I posted through eBay and not Garage Sale. Is it possible to see my previously posted listings in Garage Sale?

If you started listings in eBay, you first have to import them into garagesale. Go to archive (top bar) > import > import from my eBay.

If you still have your listings into GS 7, you have to import them into GS 8.

As fedege already mentioned you need to import them from eBay first.
Please see the help here for all details:

Regards, Kristian

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