Unable to install GarageSale 9.3 update

I am running 9.2. I get message “You do not have permission to write to the application’s directory”. The 9.2 application is in the GarageSale folder in my Applications folder. I have given GarageSale full disk access. My user has admin. I am wondering if something other than GarageSale itself is trying to do the write. Any suggestions? I saw a similar entry for version 8 but the only answer was to download the installer from the web instead of doing an update.

As with the previous problem, I downloaded the 9.3 product directly and replaced the 9.2 in the Applications folder. So for now I am OK. But it would be nice to know why I can’t use the in-app update feature.

I always use the direct download from the GS user forum. For years I didn’t even know you could update from the GS in-app update feature. I have never had any problem using the direct download.
I just delete the oldest application from the hard drive and keep the newest couple to be sure there are no issues. If there is I can go back to the working version

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