Unable to List again! 6.9.5 ebay server issue

“Always trust” is on the appi ebay page etc…

Anyone else having this problem?

osx 10.10.3

We had a user with that problem on 10.10.3. It turned out that he had a custom version of the OpenSSH package installed via the Homebrew package manager? Removing that package solved the problem for him.

Does that ring any bells with you?

Thanks for the prompt answer…

I don’t know what Homebrew package manager is or what the OpenSSH package is…but Googled Homebrew, and I have not installed it.

Do you have a link to the thread?

Many thanks

I have managed quite a few listings, but GS has crashed 3 times today, I sent reports to Apple (assuming it gets forwarded to you guys??), on the last crash it said Flash in GS had crashed

GS latest version, plus OSX 10.10.3

Hi richardsracingmad,

did you already try to update your Flash version?

Regards, Kristian

Sorry, this was a support request, so there’s no public link.[quote=“richardsracingmad, post:4, topic:461”]
on the last crash it said Flash in GS had crashed

If Flash is giving you such a hard time, I suggest you remove the Flash component embedded in your listing descriptions. This way the operating system won’t load the Flash plugin and GarageSale shouldn’t crash.