UNABLE TO OPEN GS7 because of license issues

Urgent assistance required.

Have been using GS7 ok for some weeks now on El Capitan

Trying to fill in the upgrade details for moving from 6 to 7 today in GarageSale but I cannot get past the validation area where it states that my email address in not valid.

I have been using this email address for 2 years. Tried all my older addresses but the same issue.

Because of this I cannot even to GS to list items. I do not want to be stuck over the weekend.

Also sent this request to garagesale@iwascoding.com


Hi David,

Thank you for your feedback. I just replied through the support system.

(I removed your email address form your post.)

Regards, Kristian


I am really stumped with this one.

I could not use the original purchase email because I no longer have access to it so I changed it to my current address.

I have now been requested by Kagi to download the latest version. Will my database remain intact if I do so? There is years of work in it?

Hi David,

you should have received your GS7 license by now.

You can request your license at any time in the “Lost Licenses” section on our website:

Regards, Kristian

That fixed it Kristian

Thanks for your help.

David Elliott

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