Unable to set shipping destinations


In GarageSale for international shipment I entered 5 different countries with different shipping costs.
But I do want to ship to more countries, so I need to set the option on eBay called “Additional delivery locations: costs on request” (I don’t know the exact englisch writing, this is just a translation from German).

I think this is the field called “Versandziele” in German:

But it is not possible for me to edit this field.

If I create a new listing, I can edit this field

How can I edit this field on my existing listing?


Hi Christoph,

my guess is that something went wrong with your listing’s shipping settings. Could you export the listing using the export function from the File menu and send it to us so we can have a closer look at it?

As a workaround it might help to create a new listing and make your shipping settings there. Then right-click on the listing in the left sidebar and select “Copy Listing Components”. Next right-click on your other listing and select “Paste Listing Components…” and select “Shipping Settings”.

Hope this helps,

Hi Kristian,

Thank you very much!
With that workaround I was able to set the shipping infos I needed. And also the (+) symbol is shown, if I remove all countries from the list.

Here is a zip that contains one of my listings before and after applying the shipping info from the other listing (I removed the images because the zip would have been to big):
Archiv.zip (24.2 KB)

Greetings and thanks again,

Hi Christoph,

thanks for providing us with the listings.
Do you remember if you initially had eBay USA (or another eBay site) selected in that listing?

Regards, Kristian


The eBay site was always “eBay Deutschland” (Germany) for that and every other listing.


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