Unable to upload anything


I have not used garage sale for some time. It used to work fine in the past. This evening I tried to upload two items and each time I got an error message which I do not understand although it is in French !

Erreur GarageSale

Une erreur est survenue lors de la compilation d’une requête API eBay pour le modèle " …". Verifiez le contenu de la console

What on earth is an API request ? Where on earth is that console ?

Thanks for your help


What version of GarageSale are you using? If it’s not 7.0.13, I strongly suggest you upgraded to that version.

I have version 6.8 . It worked perfectly a few months ago …

I changed a lot of rules, and the picture upload API in the meantime. GarageSale 6 is not compatible with these changes.

Thank you for your answer. I had not been warned that this app would cease being functional after a few years when I bought it :frowning:
Although I found GarageSale very convenient in the past, I am not very enthusiastic about paying again for an upgrade, as my ebay activities are now very limited.

I had GS6 and I did not have to pay again. I just entered my previous License # and back-up my GS listings. Done.

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