UNDO move to trash

Under the EDIT tab the “Undo Move ToTrash” is now renamed “Undo Change Attributes”. Clicking the “Undo Change Attributes” moves the item back out of trash to the original location in the folders. Somehow the drop down menu got renamed.

Interesting. Can you reproduce this issue?

I just tried it here with GarageSale 8.3.4 but for me the menu correctly shows the “undo move to trash” command.

Regards, Kristian

Running 8.3.4. I noticed this menu change 2-3 weeks ago. TODAY If I shut down GS and restart, It is clear and says “undo” greyed out. As soon as I click on a anything it changes to “Undo Change Attributes”. Shutting down and restarting GS 6 time reproduces this every time.

I did a complete restart of my computer and GS and this behavior persists. It isn’t terrible but just making you aware of it.

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