Unwanted ebay profiles after importing from Ebay

The three profiles:

  1. Returns
  2. Shipping
  3. Payments

Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 4.46.04 pm

Can be a real dogs dinner after importing (restoring?) items from Ebay. I found that there was a mixture of horribly named Ebay Profiles with items that showed the correct “non-profile” attributes as defined by me.
Screen Shot 2021-01-24 at 4.54.09 pm

Firstly I tried to use a smart group to on the Returns Field but there were so many options it was impractical.

I came up with this Smart Group solution to locate only those with Ebay profiles:

It was 99% effective and save me heaps of work - belatedly.

PS. I know the benefit of using Ebay Profile but I have together my database up ad running before I can take this step.


Hi David,
I suggest you to delete those horribly named ebay Profiles directly from ebay site. This way GS won’t show them any more.

Yes I know. I did this once before but Ebay re-creates them. The real answer is to use named profiles on Ebay but I have enough issues at the moment trying to recover 20,000+ images.


I see David. I use named profiles and they work good, but it took a lot of time to be set up… on the other hand, when postages change or when I have to do any modify, it is very easy and automatically updated dozens of thousands listings at a time.

Yes I know you are right Federico but I have to do so much more to prepare for listing again first.


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