Update new orders is very slow when I open GS

I noticed that every time I open GS it requires a long time before displaying new orders. If I refresh the order section with the wheel button nothing changes… I have to wait at least 15 minutes before GS downloads new orders that occurred while it was quit… and it’s a lot time…

Thank you for any help

Can you check if it’s any faster with this version:


Thank you as always @ilja, I downloaded and installed it, tomorrow morning I will check and then I will let you know if this issue is fixed or not.

@ilja unfortunately this morning there were no new orders… I hope tomorrow!!

@ilja I did not notice changes…

Hmm, how many account are you using in GarageSale? How many orders to those accounts per month approximately?

I have just one account, about 60/month (but this is just approximately, it varies a lot)

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