Updated to 8.3.6, now all my previously active listings appear as unlisted

What the title says. All of my 500+ listings now appear as “Prepared” instead of “Active”. What do i do?

That’s really odd. Does it help to:

  1. Refresh your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts.
  2. Select “Update All Listings” from the Listing menu?

Regards, Kristian

That didn’t do anything. It would be odd for all 6 tokens to expire at the same time.

I guess these listings don’t show their item id anymore?

What version of GarageSale were you using before?

Do you have backup you could revert to from before the update?

It looks like this.

I was using the latest beta before this final, no backup i could revert to.

It sounds like a some kind of write operation to the database failed, taking the whole part that stores details for running listings with it.

If you send as a copy of your GarageSale.leveldb file (via DropBox or something similar), we could take a look, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

You best guess is probably to create a copy of the GarageSale library folder (in case things go further downhill), and import your running listings using “Import listings from My eBay” panel.

Hope this helps.

Possible, but is it likely considering that i’ve done this process countless times since 8.0 came out, basically skipping hardly even one beta version? I always quit GS, dragged the new application file to the App folder and restarted GS, this is the first time it happened.

It’s about 1GB, but sure.

I’ll probably just try to import from ebay and relist when the next reduced sale fee round starts, but it’s quite a scary thing to happen i have to say. You guys should really make sure this isn’t a fluke related to my system (which, as mentioned above, seems not very likely to me).

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