Updated to GS9, can't select a payment policy!

Just updated and I can’t start any listings because there is no payment policy selected, but the drop down menu for the payment policy is blank and clicking on it doesn’t do anything. tried resetting my garage sale data, reinstalled the application, deleted the library and all settings from the Library and no change. please help!

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 17.33.29

Can you please give this a try?:

  1. Open the GarageSale preferences > Accounts. Click on “Refresh Token” to refresh your eBay access token(s).
  2. In the same preferences click on “Update Account Details”, too.

Restart GarageSale and check your listing afterwards. If still no luck, can you try to click on these little pixels here. It looks like your payment profile is displayed somewhat offset for any reason:


Also, does this also happen with listings newly created from scratch?

Regards, Kristian

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