Updating Orders & Listings Preference

Setting this preference does not run as I thought it would. The time set for Every Day is the time that Update All Listings LAST COMPLETED. I had expected that once I had set a time for Every Day, that would be the time for Every Day in the future but this is not the case.

It would be a really handy feature if I could set a fixed time for Every Day.

What about if we changed the code, so GarageSale will keep track of when it STARTED downloading updates, instead of when the process ENDED?

That way you’d only need to start the process once at the desired time, and the next start time wouldn’t ‘float’ to a later time each day?


Just as long as the previous process has finished. Or, if it hasn’t finished, just skip this update and wait until the next scheduled time???

If someone has it set to every 5 minutes, I can see where it would take longer than 5 minutes to do the actual update.

I have mine set to every 15 minutes.


I had 5 minutes and have changed to 6 hours. I am thinking it doesn’t need update every 5 minutes and it should help free up extra resources.

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Thanks for you involvement, Ilja.

What would happen though if I decided to do a manual Update at a different time? Wouldn’t the ‘Text Run’ time change still?

I see them as two different functions.

  1. Manual Update
  2. Scheduled Update.

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