Updating quantity available would be a huge benefit for Garage Sale

I updated to GS 8 and I was hopeful that a basic problem would be addressed. Updating quantity would be a huge benefit and causes me problems in overselling stock on a continual basis. If I list 10 items and 2 sell I only have 8 left. GS says I have 10 left even though the color changes on the listing icon indicating a sale has been made. Why can’t GS update quantity left in inventory? If I make any changes to the listing, end it to relist, update pictures, change the price, fix a spelling error, anything at all, and forget to double check inventory (8) quantity available, then the quantity remains incorrect (10) and causes me to oversell stock since quantity does not reflect the (2) items sold. This would be a big upgrade to the functionality of the program.

Have you check out the GarageSale 8.1 beta series. On of the changes reads:

  • when revising a listing’s quantity on eBay, a warning is displayed if the new quantity exceeds the current quantity left

I downloaded the 8.1b7. The notice works and is nice to have. However, Why isn’t the available quantity in GS reduced by the number sold on ebay? The notice just tells me that GS has not been updated to reflect the number sold on ebay and requires me to change GS to reflect what GS already knows by all the sales that GS has already tracked in the sold reports section built in to the program. Shouldn’t the information coming back from ebay change the quantity available in GS?

At some point in the past we decided not to update the quantity entered by the user with what’s currently left on eBay.

If you want warnings when you list or re-list something without sufficient quantity in stock, you currently need to link your listing with an inventory item through the SKU field. Each time you sell something, the inventory item’s quantity gets reduced accordingly.

I totally agree with rlmartin. I have brought this issue up in the past. You are making a very basic process difficult. We are talking Inventory 101. If I have 5 of an item and 1 sells then the GS quantity field needs to be reduced to 4. This way when the item is re-listed the correct quantity is on eBay. Why in the world would you want the original quantity listed when you don’t have that many??? I have 30,000+ items in GS with a portion of them having multiple quantities. The items are rotated normally 10,000 per month. So you want me to keep track of and take the time to manually reduce the quantities of potentially thousands of items each time they are re-listed? We don’t need any system parameters regarding this issue or fancy options you alluded to in the past, just simply reduce the quantity. Please don’t make this more complicated than it is.

You state “At some point in the past we decided not to update the quantity entered by the user with what’s currently left on eBay.” Well, it is time to admit you made a judgement error and modify the software to do sol

BTW - because of this GS deficiency, I have had to deactivate the multi-quantity checkbox on ALL but 11 of my items causing me to manually re-list a multi-quantity item each time it sells (using up my monthly listing allotment).

Your attention to the issue will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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