Upgraded to 8.3... payment?

Hi! I’ve been using GarageSale for a couple of years. Noticed some things weren’t working (attributes not available + a sale isn’t showing up) and wanted to upgrade to the paid version (8.3.5) of $19+ for 50 listings. I hit the upgrade and it mentioned I would have to pay. I agreed. Went through the upgrade and reloaded my database.

Where do I pay and make sure I am only do the 50 postings per month, not the subscription service?

Why isn’t a sale from last night showing up as a sale with the new upgrade?


Figured out the connection issue…had to refresh my ebay access token.
Still can’t figure out how to pay for the upgrade and only pay the $19-$20, not the monthly service.

What happens if you to the “GarageSale” menu on the far left and select “Buy License” ?

thanks for that info. I did that and they sent me a license code for a free trial of the pro subscription service. I don’t want that service. I can’t afford it. All I want is the $19-$20 upgrade for 50 uploads a month. ARGH!!!

That doesn’t sound right. Please contact our support at garagesale@iwascoding.com with your transaction details and they should be able to sort this out.

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It turned out that therkalo was eligible for the free GarageSale 8 upgrade license. The system automatically gave him the upgrade license including the coupon code for GarageSale Pro which seem to have caused the confusion.

Everything should be sorted by now.

Regards, Kristian

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