Upgrading to GS9

Given that GS7 no longer works I am trying to upgrade up GS 9.05 however it keeps getting stuck on the import any ideas i deleted thousands of sold listings, But still it gets stuck

For large libraries GarageSale has such much to do, that it might appear stuck, while it is still copying and re-indexing data.

Have you checked that GarageSale is indeed stuck with Apple’s Activity Monitor utility? What does the “% CPU” column say for GarageSale there?

Yea be patient. Mine was stuck for like 8 hours and I stopped it thinking it was stuck but I now realized only 55% of the pictures transferred. Sucks. My fault but the stuck screen didnt help it was stuck for over 8 hours. It wasnt really stuck though. Give it 24-48 hours is my suggestion.

Eventually after leaving it overnight . i exported the old data and imported via my ebay then reimported the sold needed a bit of extra work but so far so good and there are many useful features on the new version that i had wanted

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