Upload listings every 30 seconds with scheduler?

Is there a way to schedule listings every 30 seconds instead of every 1 minute, which is the fastest time available when u schedule your auctions? I have hundreds of listings and I want to give them some space to allow bids but every 1 minute would have auctions last all day.

Yes, but it’s more approximate. Instead of using the scheduler, select “start” and then when the Launch Control window pops up, choose the “interval” tool in the bottom of the window.

The time is a minimum between launches, so if there is any weird slowdown on the machine or network, you may experience a longer gap. But I often use this to launch 1000+ listings over an (approximate) block of hours by doing the arithmetic manually.

So for instance if I want to launch 1000 listings over 5 hours, I select 18 seconds pause between them, and it more or less takes that long.

The only caveat is that any errors in validation need to be handled before you can even try to launch them. The Scheduler doesn’t check until it’s trying each listing.

If you want a faster upload, please set the delay to zero in the scheduler.

The initial idea behind the offering a delay in between listing was to generate more sales, so that when you were auctioning off a set of items, a potential buyer had enough time to discover and buy another similar item after the first item had ended.

Every delay below 2 minutes defeats that purpose.

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:slight_smile: I would say that covering a block of time during peak watcher traffic in a given category (in my case, it seems to be “before work in the US”) with a collection of many possible items in the “New Listings” view helps too. 100% anecdotally, of course, but I find I have more sales when I launch 500 items over 2 hours than when I launch them multi-threaded all at once.

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