Url-based images - transfer to ebay image service?

I wanted to try out the option to transfer the images we use in our auctions to the ebay image service, too (we host the images on our own server and use URL-based images within garagesale (6.8).
Now we have an error message (in german):
"URL-basierte Bilder können nicht zum eBay-Bilderservice (EPS) hochgeladen werden und werden daher auch auf der Auktionsseite nicht angezeigt. Bitte schauen sie in die Bilderserver-Einstellungen."
So they cant be transferred to ebay - despite the fact that ebay offers url-based image import, too???
Is there any way to do that? IU want to use URL-based images, host them by myself AND transfer them to ebay to use the 12 free images there? Is that possible in Garagesale 6.9.7 (or 6.9.8) or version 7? Or any workaround (updating all manually in ebay is not a workaround for about 700 auctions…)

To reply myself: Despite the fact that Garagesale tells me that the transfer of URL-based images to ebay doesn´t work - it works fine. I just had to ignore that message…
So: Case closed, all well :slight_smile: Happy weekend!

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