USER PROPERTIES on GS Version 6.8 (586)

Having trouble with User properties on a 2012 Macbook running the most recent non-Beta version of the OS, Garage Sale version: Version 6.8 (586).

Whenever I enter User Properties for a specific template, it seems to affect the user properties on other templates, or it just won’t keep once I leave the template.

Hi Joshua,

I just tried it here by creating a user property with the same name in two different auction templates but evyerthing works as expected. Both auction templates show the individual value of the user property correctly.

Am I missing something? If so how can I reproduce this issue?

Regards, Kristian

It seems to occur randomly. Some of my templates will hold properties correctly, and not show any problems when creating them. Others give me no end of trouble. I haven’t figured out the difference between the two yet, but when I do, I’ll report back.