Using Batch Find under Edit

Batch find is extremely useful but it does have one annoying default.

I mostly use this function to check that the word “copy” in not in the template title. I think many users will take a template (or multiple templates) and duplicate them. This rightly results in the word “copy” added to the title.

Rather than edit each one individually, I like to use Batch Edit : Find and Replace.

Batch find kindly holds the word “copy” between sessions but the Scope always defaults back to “Item Description”. I would prefer this to be “Title and Subtitle” (also very useful for checking for the word “subtitle”).

How do I change this default?

Regards David

Hi David,

I don’t have a solution for your request but do you already know this workaround?:

Maybe this works for you for now.

Regards, Kristian

Will this change be overwritten with an upgrade?

Hi David,

yes, it will.

Cheers. Not a lot of point then.

David Elliott

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