Using My Own Template HTML Code

I recently got GarageSale to display my eBay gallery images to get placed into my listing description body where I want them using the following section of code written in GarageSale inside my template. Images display within the main section where I want them.

Here is the code I used to repeat the images.

sequence continued as required…

At the end of my listing template GarageSale also puts all the images repeated again after my HTML code finishes but I cannot work out how to stop the images being shown after my template. Please advise

Please note.

I have a tick in the box which says ‘Don’t use a Design’ in the Listings Design section. What do I need to do to stop the images repeating after my HTML template finished?


A simple solution is to select the design called “No Design” and the “No Images” layout from the design browser!

Regards, Kristian

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