Validation Error: Postage service is not specified

I’ve been trying to list an item for the past hour but I can’t get around this problem. I’ve added two domestic postage options and when the listing is verified I get the error in the screenshot below and cannot proceed to post the listing.
It’s got me totally stumped.

Can you export the listing you are trying to post for investigation. You can use the private message feature of this forum if you prefer. Please compress your listing as a .zip file before sending. Thanks.

Sure can do, it’s about 17MB with the original images zipped. But I can’t send you a Private message because there isn’t a button anywhere (Not in your profile summary or on your profile page). But yes if I can send a PM I’ll send you the zip. Thanks. :slight_smile:

There should be a “Message” button in the panel that opens when you click on my avatar attached to this message. Since 17MB might be to big anyway for this forum, please duplicate your listing and remove all the images before exporting it. I don’t think your error is related to images, so we don’t need to send those around. Thanks.

Alas there’s no message button for me to click:

Have duplicated the listing and removed the images, much more healthy 6KB.
Just need some way to get it to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, if clicking directly on my avatar doesn’t work, try this. Click in the top right corner on your own avatar icon. There should be a message tap with a “New Message” button. Does this work?

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