Variation Images

OK, I have been adding some products with variations. In this case, Colour (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green) and Size (Small, Large). I will give you an example so that it’s easier to understand the issue.

I have 6 items in my inventory that I want to add as variations of a single product. they all have Title, SKU (unique), Price, Qty, Cost, Image and Description.

Red has two variations - Small and Large. I add both inventory items. Fine
Yellow has two variations - Small and Large. I add both inventory items. Fine
Blue only has one variation. Small. I add the inventory item into the relevant column. Fine
Green only has one variation. Large. I add the inventory item into the relevant column. Fine

I don’t have Large Blue items or Small Green ones - so I have nothing to add in the spaces.

Across the top row of the Variation window, I select each attribute in turn, in this case, Colour. So Red, Yellow, Blue, Green. I check the ‘Display on eBay’ checkbox for all images and, if there are two images (Red and Yellow) I choose which should be the gallery image using the ‘Use as gallery image’ radio button. In the case that there is only one image (Blue and Green) I check both the ‘Display on eBay’ checkbox and also select the ‘Use as gallery image’ radio button. Fine

Now I do all of the other bits involved in the auction etc… I then verify the auction. Fine. Then I start the auction. It uploads. Fine.

Now when the auction has started and GS moves to the live auction listing. There are no pictures for either Blue or Green. Strange, I definitely chose them and added them to my inventory and checked them in the variation window.

I go to eBay in my browser, visit the auction page in question. There are only two images displayed in the top section (not my listing design where all are displayed in a gallery). I select some options using the dropdown menus and if I select Blue or Green a ‘no image’ graphic is shown. I log into eBay admin. No images for Blue and Green listed in the variations. They are definitely not getting sent.

So, I go back to GS, everything looks fine so I return to my inventory. Duplicate the current Blue and Green products, give them unique SKUs, return to the variations window, add the bogus products in the missing variations fields. Save. Revise the auction and hey presto, all images are uploaded. There are now 4 gallery images and every dropdown has an image to load when selected.

Problem is, I don’t have these products to sell so I can’t keep them there. Really sorry for the long post but wanted to make sure I described it in detail so you can understand the problem. Hopefully there is a simple solution and I have completely wasted 15 minutes writing this massive forum post! haha

Look forward to understanding what I am doing wrong.

Cheers :smile: