Verifies multiple listings but then gray box to submit


Verifies multiple listings but then gray box to submit

I do it again and it verifies again and the 2nd time it works and it isn’t grayed out.

Screenshots show 2 different times it happens on the first verify process. Both work when you try again the 2nd time.

And it will be random, doesn’t happen every time. Some times it will verify and allow you to submit on the first time.

Using 9.4 (1536)



Can you check if the “Run only local verification in Lauch control window” option in the GarageSale preferences > General improves the situation?

Thanks Kristian for the help. I will try that. Currently it’s unchecked so I will check it and see.

I do like the warnings that it gives me as that is how I find some errors but yea its strange how it seems to verify the batch and just gray out the submit as if there is something pending to fix but it works on the 2nd attempt, almost every time.

Anyhow, thanks!

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