Verifying hangs sporadically in Launch Control

Over the last few days (since updating to Ventura, but also maybe a little longer? since I updated to 9.1?) I have occasionally encountered a bug in GS 9.1 where a large collection of items being launched will just give up verifying part-way through.

There are no errors. It just stops.

If I re-select the same listings, and start them all again, it usually works. Neither the first problem nor the re-try is 100% reproducible. It is usually 200+ listings, and it gets 50-70 done and then … poof.

I still can’t make this happen consistently, but I am starting to suspect that it goes something like this:

  1. I have a Smart Group of a few hundred items I have edited to launch, which are tagged red (that’s how the Smart Folder works)
  2. I select “Start…” for the selected items
  3. I get the Launch Control popup, and it starts to verify the listings
  4. I let it do the verification (slow, because of 200+ items) and while it is still happening I go back to the Smart Folder
  5. I change the tag on the contents of the folder to “none” from “red”
  6. Maybe? Sometimes? the Launch Control stops later. Not immediately, more like… in a while? Like a rolling queue has been emptied and not re-filled?

There is no “Verifying” activity for that Launch Control instance ever again, if this does happen. The first batch are checked, the last batch will never be checked. The grayed-out button in the bottom right never gets active state.

I can easily work around it by closing that Launch Control and re-selecting the listings and choosing “Start…” again, so this is low priority.

But it also didn’t used to happen? This has been my workflow for several months. Started recently, as mentioned.

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