View Count Errors

A new bug has popped up–some of my auctions read “-1” for view count:
None of my listings actually show the correct count; the ones that don’t say “-1” just say “0.”

I’m working with version 7.0.15 (build 837).

GarageSale does not compute the number of views by itself. It only displays the values it gets fed by the eBay API. My guess is that’s a temporary malfunction on eBay’s end which hopefully corrects itself.

When you look at the views of your listing on the My eBay page, what numbers get displayed there?

Most are in the double digits, a few in the single digits. So they’re displaying right on My eBay. For the item in my earlier screenshot, the view count reads 29 (and watchers = 2).

I also saw this a couple days ago. (same GS version) It occurred after I revised some listings.
Since no updates of GS were done on my machine, I believe it is Ebay. Next day, the correct counts were displayed.

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