Vinyl records item specific add new artist

When making a new vinyl record listing in Garage Sale Pro 8.3.6, if the artist is not on the extensive list provided, you can click on New Value but cannot manually type in the name of the artist. GS will not allow the listing to upload without an artist added. How can I get around this? Thanks in advance.

For me clicking on the artist field and then entering an own artist worked like a charm. I also replied to your support request and sent you a screenshot.

Regards, Kristian

Yes, this happens sometimes with book author lists as well. Some strange situation where the list has no entries and does not allow a new one. When that happens, I can also copy the attributes from a “good” listing and paste them into the confused one, and fix from there.

Still have not worked out how I got into the unresponsive situation to begin with.

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