VPN with Garage Sale and Mojave

Hi there,

I’m getting a “connection error” when trying to connect/relist items with Garage Sale. I recently updated to Mojave and have refreshed my token. I use a VPN and I don’t get the connection problem when I turn the VPN off. I didn’t have to turn my VPN to use GarageSale before I upgraded to Mojave, so I think that might be the problem.

Any suggestions or advice on how to use GarageSale with a VPN on Mojave OS?


Can you pinpoint the stage when the connection error pops up. Is it immediately when trying to verify the item, or later on during image uploading?

I just rebooted and tried again. It spins for a while when verifying, then it gives me the “connection error” message.

Can you post a screenshot (cmd-shift-4) of the connection error panel?

Also, are you using a public VPN service where we could simply sign up and test drive GarageSale? If so, which one are you using?

I’m using Private Internet Access as my VPN and it’s not public. I’ll have to send you the screenshot when I get home from my day job.

Could you please drag down the horizontal divider bar in the middle of that window, so that the error message is fully visible and post another screenshot. Thanks.

I just tried again and got this message.

I think I solved the problem. Seems like all I needed to do was upgrade my VPN program. I just listed one with no problem and the program also seems to connect again (I’m getting notifications for messages, listings ending, etc.) Sorry for the trouble.

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