'Waiting For Payment' not updating for a sold listing

Several of my auctions ended 2 days ago. All sold have been paid and posted except for one. However, it doesn’t show up in GarageSale’s ‘Waiting For Payment’ folder. It hasn’t been paid. It definitely sold and shows as green/sold in GS and as sold in eBay. It shows as awaiting payment in eBay.

I have updated listing, restarted GarageSale several times but it’s still not showing as waiting for payment.

i also refreshed my eBay access token in GarageSale preferences > Accounts and selected “Update all listings” from the Listing menu afterwards.

I have checked the item ID in Live view and Status Inspector and they are the same and same as the item ID on eBay.

I’ve never had this problem before. Please help.

Item was paid for today and it appeared in the ‘Ready to Ship’ folder.

Why didn’t it EVER appear in the ‘Waiting For Payment’ folder??

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