WebDAV errors are preventing upload

I’ve used GarageSale for several years, so I’m very familiar with its operation. Tonight I created a new auction that repeatedly failed with the error message, “WebDAV: Could not upload file because of a username and password error.”

I had just refreshed GarageSale’s access token with eBay (which requires the user’s password) so I knew the issue was not likely to be my eBay password.

Here in this forum, I found only one topic containing “WebDAV,” and that issue (with the image server) was reported as resolved.

So, after 8 or 10 failed attempts, and because of the phrase “Could not upload file,” I finally decided to try switching from GarageSale’s picture service to eBay’s picture service — and with that change, my auction uploaded successfully.

Something is wrong with the GarageSale picture service.

(It would also be helpful if error messages were more specifically descriptive.)

Hi soundsgoodtome,

maybe it was just a temporary issue with the image server. Please give it another try.

You don’t have any of these tools installed, have you?:
LittleSnitch, MacKeeper, HandsOff, cisco anyconnect, GlimmerBlocker or any other AdBlocker

Regards, Kristian

I’m not running any ad blockers, but I’m running Click To Plugin 3.0. But that’s in Safari. What would that have to do with GarageSale?

Hi soundsgoodtome,

everything seems to be fine with the GarageSale’s free image service so if you still get that WebDAV error the problem might be on your side.
I don’t think that your plug-in causes the error but it might be worth a try to disable it and restart your Mac for test purposes.

Regards, Kristian

Hello, same problem here.
Like @soundsgoodtome, I can’t upload my auction using Garage Sale hosting service.
I also refreshed my token, and my auction includes 11 pictures (GarageSale hosting is limited to 20 pictures)
This issue appeared after updating to 6.9.2 (605) version.

Thank you for your help

Sorry, I can’t upload pictures because I’m a new user.
Hopefully we can criticize ideas… (I read the guidelines) :wink:
Of course I am a new user, because I need help for the first time !
And if a picture can help others understand my situation, what’s the difference between my first question and my tenth ?
Otherwise the fact that this application is buggy ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: