What is discount-department.com?

Almost every time i open GarageSale7 my browser launches into this website. Anyone else having this problem?

Does this only happen if you open a listing in “Live” mode where GarageSale displays the eBay website?
There’s probably a Flash ad on the eBay website that causes that strange behavior. It should help to disable Flash in the GarageSale preferences > General.

Also make sure to always keep your Flash up-to-date!

Regards, Kristian

Flash widgets are off.

Ye so it did it again. Not very difficult to recreate this. I started flipping through my active listings in Live Mode on GarageSale7 and its one of the ads that keeps appearing on the eBay page. The trouble is, i didnt even mouse over this ad, it just automatically opens in a new tab in my browser.

You should include a block ads check box in future versions.

i should also mention that when i look at my listing in GarageSale7in the live mode, other ads will appear, but this is the only one that keeps popping up. , very strange

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